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Sporegasm: videos from GDC 2007 & SXSW

UPDATE: Incredibly detailed article from Kotaku. Hand-scribed notes from Will Wright's keynote speech at SXSW. This comes almost immediately after the talk, but there's still no good source for the prior presentations (TED and GDC).

UPDATE #2: There's a video from the SXSW presentation. When I view it in Linux, it has to pause every 5 seconds to rebuffer, but it plays like gravy in OS X. Your mileage may vary.

Will Wright's game Spore is possibly coming out in 2007 or 2008, so this could be the start of the last big marketing push. Here's a montage of gameplay videos from the Game Developer's Conference, which wrapped up yesterday. I can't wait to design my own Sui Generis creature.

There were a couple of other presentations by Will Wright and the Spore team recently. It's probably only a matter of time before those videos hit. I'll post them here if they turn up.

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