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Will work for money

I quit my last job in October and I have been working as a full-time contract employee since then, while I continue my hunt for another real job. The last time I was looking for work was a year and a half ago, and I greatly expanded my options this time around. I have applied for work in other cities (never received a response for those applications), and in a wide array of industries and positions.

I have learned a lot during this search. For example, I discovered that there are sod-all decent jobs in the Employment section. All right, I sort of knew this already, but I hoped that I could find something appropriate. And sometimes I do find a job that is a perfect match for my skills and interests, and I get really excited and nervous about it and spend hours perfecting my cover letter and honing my resume so that it is just right. But I learned that when I apply for those ideal jobs, I will never get an interview. Instead, I will get an interview for jobs that I was overqualified for halfway through high school, and then I will not be offered the position.

I have also learned that when someone calls asking, "are you keeping your options open," I know that means they are attempting to rope me in to a "shady, unpaid pseudo-employment scam." I got around to this after a couple of minutes talking to one man when I asked what the salary was. "Oooh," he said, "are you looking for that kind of job?" Yes, I do want that kind of job. I prefer the kind where I know I will get paid. I job that I get paid for and don't hate--is that really so much to ask?


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