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Visions of sugarplums

I woke up no less than three times last night rolling in sticky wet sheets and a body slicked with sweat. Maybe it's my latent gingerbread allergy acting up.

J got a Betty Crocker vegetarian cookbook. Each recipe includes a footnote suggesting a meat to add, which is bizarre beyond belief to me. She sees nothing wrong with it, but I don't want an apologetic, middling cookbook. Just in my opinion, the meal should be complete without meat. Otherwise, what's the point of a 'vegetarian' cookbook? Just take the normal cookbook and leave out the meat, and you've got the same thing.

A vegetarian cookbook that pimps meat additions is like a kosher cookbook with instructions to add shellfish and pork for when your goyim friends come to visit. I want recipes that are Vegan With a Vengeance. There's no need for compromise. Give me recipes for vegetarian food that are so good they could not possibly be improved, and are so good that they will only be ruined by introducing animal parts.

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Nathan said...

Thanks for the tip! That's the kind of vegan food I want, too!