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my winter biking gear is insufficient for this cold

I can't see the site tonight. Hopefully you can?

It is cold outside for reals and the Sibley Bike Depot is chilling down. John and I were the only ones present again this week for "volunteer night" so we pulled out my lowrider project again and finished securing the sparkle red banana seat and new black handlebar grips. Plus we tore apart the stem and greased and cleaned everything and put it together again. Afterwards I took it out on the streets and it was AWESOME. Except that I was freezing.

So when I got home my fingers and toes and face were numb and I was exhausted. I ran a bath but my brain was so cold that I forgot about it, and then we ran out of hot water. I sat in the tepid tub for a few minutes and got out chattering. The rest of the evening was all about warming up.

Sorry this post sucks. I got nothing.

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