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Suddenly everything's ponderous

Maybe it's the cold winter weather getting me down or just a combination of stresses from different areas in my life. Whatever it is, I had a little breakdown yesterday and just started to wander aimlessly around the house. I crashed in front of the TV for a few hours and looked through the same job listings over and over again. Suddenly, I became incredibly tired and went to bed around 8:30. This morning I woke up with a tremendous headache.

I have no good reason to be so miserable, but knowing that doesn't make me feel any better. So even though I'm feeling overwhelmed with too much to do, what's the first thing I did at the office this morning? Signed on for one more thing to do. That's just a blog thing though, it doesn't count for work. Writing is fun.

This brightened up my day a little bit. Last week, a festive MIT student decked the halls with walls of Mario (found via dinosaur comics). And here's one more thing to cheer up anyone who needs it: My Owner is an Idiot.

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