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Saint Paul Craftstravaganza!

Oh my holy crap! IT'S ALIVE. Progress in animating the upcoming craft show to end all craft shows, the St. Paul Craftstravaganza, was bumped up today from nonexistant to positively measureable. The excitement is palpable around chez Generis as J and I suddenly have our hands full with venue booking, website design, and crafty contacts who have piped up to offer support and suggestions. Rejoice, Twin Cities craftsters, for the 'stravaganza is on its way!

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John said...

Hey Sui, I finally got a Blogger ID so I can leave comments. Hey, I would love to be part of your Craftstravaganza preparations. Do you think we could talk them into doing it in the empty space in the building our shop is in? (Don't want to mention any names here, haha.) That whole first floor would be perfect and is empty. Anyway, let's talk about this some more. I'm really interested in whta this is all about. It sounds kind of bohemian artsy-craftsy, although those aren't real words are they. haha. Still sounds like fun. I'm sure I could find some way to help. Crafts and Arts are good.