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I'm not bipolar, I'm just polar

After feeling so bummed out for a while, now I'm back on top of the world! That is because yesterday was a Black Day but today is a Super Good Day. I missed my bus this morning and it didn't faze me. Instead of moping, I am back to applying for jobs and planning for my interview tomorrow, and continuing work on the St. Paul Craftstravaganza! to be held this summer if all goes well.

First things first: I'm investigating event sites to host this thing, because it can't happen until we have a space for it. I would be very open to ideas for where such an event could be held. I'm looking at about 40 vendors with space for tables and walking room for about 1000-1500 attendees (the Minneapolis No Coast show drew over 2400 people, so this seems like a not outrageous estimate).

It doesn't have to be great it just has to be space. Ideally it will be cheap as free. I'm looking into hotels but expect them to be too expensive; other options are churches, parks, and maybe even big parking lots, but nothing especially comes to mind. Any locals have suggestions for me, please?


drvono said...

It seems to me that the Fallout would be good option.

drvono said...

Of course, that's not in Saint Paul, is it? Well there's always House Of Mercy, they'd totally be into it:

But parks would be pretty easy to arrange too.

sui generis said...

Yeah, House of Mercy, oh by the way, we went to a service there last week. Spur of the moment like. I was planning on asking them but I'm not sure about churches?

The image of the old lady church crafts is what I'm trying to move away from. Plus I wonder if some people would be more comfortable in a neutral location. I'm considering churches as a last resort option right now.

drvono said...

Well, I think that outdoors would be the best in summer anyway. It's not really a fair if it's indoors.