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Law School: it's not for everybody!

Student blogger WhyLaw, who I have been chatting with since well before the 1L semester even started (back when I still planned on attending law school this fall), just announced that she has dropped out. She explains that she had to put her health first, and I hope that this decision works out for her. Even if nothing else good comes out of this, she will be staying in the awesome city of Portland, and I envy her that!

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was a potential law student, and now the first semester is wrapping up for all my 1L buddies. Some of them have proven more prolific bloggers than others, but this post has been the most stunning so far. The fact is that law school is just not a good fit for some people (or most people) but sometimes you can only discover that by giving it a shot.

I never even had that chance, but I think it was for the best. Once I knew I was not getting in, I found that I had no desire to reapply and seriously reconsidered my motivations for wanting to go in the first place. I may not have figured out yet what I want to do instead, but at least I am happy and moving in the right direction. I hope now that WhyLaw has removed herself from the law school track she can also discover the path that is best for her. Good luck to her, and to all of you poor suckers who are still in law school!


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Shannon said...

Thanks, SG :-) Quitting law school was right up there with the best decisions I've ever made!

I'm currently applying for a PhD program in the environmental sciences field. I am *so* excited to study things I'm interested in again. I'm also looking forward to studying in an environment not filled with fear and loathing ;-)