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Crafting on my mind: St. Paul Spring Swap?

I thought it would be awesome to host a hipster craft fair in St. Paul come springtime '06. Anyone with me? The idea would be to bring together craftsters with cool hand-made goods for sale or trade. I've been doing some research and there seems to be a recent boom of these events around the country. We even have one in Minnepolis called No Coast Craft-O-Rama that is held in early December. But nothing in St. Paul that I can find.

Even though it's just a fancy in my mind right now, it's not too early to bring together like-minded people and form a core team that could bring this concept to reality. At first I thought I might do it on my own, but there would be a lot of work involved. So Saint Paulites (or San Paulitans), if this is something that sounds interesting to you at all, I'd love to bounce some ideas off you. Thanks.

You might be hearing more about this in the future, or not... mostly I'm known for brewing up detailed but half-baked schemes and then dropping them before I get to step one in the process for making it happen. But I'm also notorious for being committed hardcore to a project once it gets underway. If I can find one or two other people who want to see this through, then it's a done deal. For now it's back to the drafting board to see if I can make this work.


drvono said...

I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe get a Bazaar Bizarre started?

gorgeous.insomniac said...

I might be interested. Let me know what you find out!

sui generis said...

Awesome. We are making progress with plans. IT WILL HAPPEN. More on this coming soon.