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Ca' del Solo vs. Tattoo: Battle of the Big Reds

A dual entry for December's Sui Generis Wine(s) of the Month: Bonny Doon's Ca' del Solo Big House Red, and Two Brothers' Big Tattoo Red. I picked two "big" wines for this big holiday hullabaloo month so that you have double the recommendations for drinks on whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, or not (unless that holiday is already past, in which case you can drink them next year). Except then I waited until most all the Decemberween party days are past, so so much for that idea.

First off was the Big Tattoo Red. This wine had a heady, harsh kind of bouquet with more complexity emerging on day two (holding up over time is an important property for me, since I often have to finish a bottle myself and don't always like to drink it all in one night). The 50-50 mix of Syrah and Cabernet panned out about the way I expected: taste like a regular Cab except spicier and thicker. I drank it with some Burgundy Seitan Noodles that I cooked with the wine, and I found both a bit disappointing. I don't know if I'd buy this wine again.

On the other hand, I greatly enjoyed the Bonny Doon Big House Red. I got this bottle for a buck less than the other wine, which is a 10% savings at this price point and thus a pretty big deal! I didn't get anything from the aroma, but the texture was jammy and yummy. I detected an occasional mild bite; otherwise it was a good grapey, fruity, light taste. Nice purple hue to this wine too. I had it on Thanksgiving with garlic toast and vegan loaf. Delicious.

Winner: Ca' del Solo!



Anonymous said...

My hopes were sruched as I though this was going to be a post about tattoos. boo!

Anonymous said...

crushed.... and sruched! I was so mad I just started hitting keys!