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Holiday shopping list for your favorite cyclist

This is either way too late for 2005 or else super early for 2006. Anyway, here's a collection of bike accessories and whatnots for the one in your life who likes to ride bikes. A/k/a phoning in a post.

  • Surly hip flask. I mentioned this stainless steel beauty before. Not especially bike-related, except Surly makes it and it's "derby approved." So there ya go.
  • Of course you're gonna hold your Surly flask in an Ahearne Cycles bicycle flask holder, right? This company also makes gorgeous wood racks that would be the pride of any practical cycler.
  • Soft reflectors: there are totally places that make shiny velcro strips to replace those plastic reflectors that throw your wheel out of true. And I just saw some messenger co. that makes cute little ones for your handlebars, but now I can't find it again.
  • Soft-core porn! I don't know but someone on Craig's List has been talking up this calendar with photos of "beautiful Minneapolis women & their bikes." Maybe it's up your alley. Don't buy it for me though.

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