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Mutant bike link roundup

There's nothing going on at work this week, so I spent yesterday trying to find tallbike information. The Rat Patrol and local Skallywags bike clubs websites provided hours of fun. If our infamous Minneapolis chapter of the Black Label Bike Club has a website I couldn't find it. Chicagofreakbike is a great photo diary too though and they make cameos in all those places.

Didn't find much on actual builds but that's okay because we already have the frame, for what it's worth. I banged the dropouts apart enough to fit in a chunky rear tire with gears for now and another 26" wheel in front. All that's left is a crank & chain & I'll have a functioning tallbike to tool around the neighborhood with. Maybe I can git 'er done before we have more snow on the ground making handling impossible. This weather is unreal. It's supposed to be above freezing again tomorrow and no mention of snow. Freakin' heatwave!


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