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Look what I found!

We got pounded by snow last night and where were the freakin' plows? Nary a single road in the city was cleared. My bus got stuck going uphill and we had to detour. I woke up a half hour before I normally do so that I could take an earlier bus, and ended up getting to work ten minutes late! Lame.

In other local news, we have this gem from the Star Tribune:

Police said a woman called them shortly before 3 a.m. to report that she had found someone in the living room of her apartment. The person had been shot.
WTF? Who just "finds" a corpse in her living room at 3 AM? I can't imagine how this one will play out. The article goes on to say that the police "have no suspect information this morning." Hey, police? I would start by suspecting the woman whose living room had a gunshot victim in it. That sounds pretty damn suspicious to me.

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