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SG Retro: most popular posts of '07

Sarah-2, originally uploaded by daverice.

I like to reminisce about my personal favorites, but after a year of tracking stats, I felt qualified to add a second category of links for 2007. The previous list was topics & activities that I enjoyed; these posts are the top hits for visitors to Sui Generis, based on keyword analysis.

5. Men's fashion. Who knew that so many people were interested in pocket squares? How to make them and when to wear them (always) were the most common queries.
3. Cars. The second half of last year was car-tastic! Unexpectedly, the new Transformers movie apparently inspired me to discover our automotive heritage. I went to a couple of car shows (parts 1-2-3-4) and bought myself a new car.
4. Bikes. Bicycle posts, though infrequent at best, remain popular. Usually my visitors are seeking information on a particular marque, such as Rabeneick, Sekine, or Bianchi (RIP); sometimes on more general topics such as fixed gears and British cycling.
2. Crafts. Our friends opened a store! I'm glad I helped so many people find I Like You, their new boutique in Minneapolis. As much as I'll miss being the first hit in Google, they have an I Like You blog now that has unseated me from the top spot.
1. Porn. 2007 is the year SG became an authority on tattooed models. For every 100 people who found me via Google, at least 2 or 3 went to that page first (and then immediately left, in disappointment). In hindsight, the popularity of this post is not surprising. Maybe next season, ANTM will consider having a tattooed girl on the show for more than one episode. I'm ready to provide ongoing blog coverage if they do! This is your SG ink correspondent, signing out.

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