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Car Craft Summer Nationals

On Friday I went to the Car Craft Summer Nationals show with my dad and little brother. It was a loud, fast, fun time. This '69 Camaro RS/SS was the first photo-worthy car I located upon entering the fairgrounds. Bumblebee, is that you?

I think my new favorite pony car might be the Dodge Challenger. This '73 model is the color of poo, and I still love it.

Here's another Challenger of unknown vintage. The hood is conveniently labeled, in case you couldn't tell that it was cut for a shaker scoop.

It wasn't too long before I started to feel like I was just seeing the same cars over and over again ("look, there's another Camaro"). As a result, this made truly unique cars shine through all the more. During the whole day, we only saw three or four AMC cars, and every one was a standout. Dig the fuchsia paint job on this classy Javelin.

Vehicles at the show were primarily either musclecar-vintage or souped-up ricers. Here's one that stood apart from the pack. From the outside, this 1950 Chevy Bel Air would have looked right at home in the Back to the 50's show. In fact we saw several cars at that show that were almost identical, except for the giant tank of nitrous in the trunk.

The Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport. My dad was on a quest to find this car, because he owned a '72 Chevelle SS back when he was in high school, during the heyday of muscle cars. Either I took a photo of the wrong car, or he was misinformed, because near as I can tell this looks like a 1970 model. We later did see a '72 Chevelle, although this one was not a SS:

Blue '72 Chevelle, neither super nor sporty. (More photos to come.)


Anonymous said...

sweet pics i could not attend this year and am still bummed these made it a little easier

Sui Generis said...

I'm glad I could ease the pain, Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by.