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Winnowing the fleet

The fixie is what did it. I finally went a bike too far, and we discovered the breaking point. For two people, one of whom does not ride bikes, seven bicycles is too many (that's not even counting the 3-speed, which I sold to a Lake Pepin rider earlier this year). It was time to purge.

My first bicycle to be sold was the black Bianchi Strada that has brought me so many Google search hits. It was an awesome commuter when I lived in St. Paul and worked in Roseville. It carried me 13 miles north and 13 miles back, uphill both ways, in rain and sun and snow. But I didn't ride it even once during the past year, assuring its demise.

I simply have no use for a commuter bike any more. I was so close to my last job that I walked back and forth almost every day, a luxury that I savored. My new office is so far away that a motorcycle is the only practical choice for two-wheeled transportation. Maybe after we sell some more bicycles, I can clear enough space in the garage to fit a nice 250...

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