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The new Transformers film is an extended ad for cars (except when it's also an ad for the armed forces). Nowhere in the movie is this more blatant than the scene where Bumblebee upgrades from a second-generation 1970s Camaro into GM's fifth-generation concept car. The problem? I think the original F-body car looks way cooler than the new model. Judge for yourself.

Rusty old early '70s Chevrolet Camaro: totally awesome (image from Altered Spaces)

Fifth-generation Camaro prototype: arguably not as awesome (image from Jalopnik)

This movie is rife for drinking games. If you are lucky enough to see it in a theatre with a bar, as I did, I recommend taking a drink every time someone yells "no no no no no" or beats you over the head by describing something as "more than meets the eye." The dialogue really is that bad. Having a pint of Blue Moon at hand seriously enhanced the experience for me between fight scenes.

For the record, I actually enjoyed this movie. The plot and hammy acting were exactly as sucky as I anticipated, but the giant fighting robot action exceeded my expectations. There are just not enough movies about giant fighting robots. And with robots that transform into cars, well, not even Michael Bay can screw that up.

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