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SG Movie Review: Cloverfield

I was lucky enough to get free pre-screening tickets for Cloverfield yesterday night before the theatrical release on 1-18-08. The basic premise of the film is a monster movie, from the point of view of people in the city, shot entirely on a hand-held camcorder. And it works. Let's get right down to it: this is an excellent movie. When it ended, all I wanted to do was watch it over again.

Without spoiling anything, I will say that the film raises more questions than it answers (what else would you expect from the creator of Lost?). I think they may intend to leave these mysteries unresolved, but--also like Lost--the movie has an accompanying ARG you can explore for background material on the characters and the monster. Cloverfield Clues gathers it all together.

"Mystery is more important than knowledge" --JJ Abrams

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