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Cars painted by stencil artist John Grider

1948 Cadillac Hearse. Dallas., originally uploaded by broken crow.

John Grider is an incredible artist based in Minneapolis who I've written about before, tangentially. I first saw his work on canvas, and then he branched out to huge murals on house walls. I was looking through his Flickr photostream this week, and found that lately he's been decorating cars... like this '48 Hearse, bedecked in a pile of red skulls.

If you like that, he also used his trademark goat design to embellish vans and cars, including a Saturn that looks like my old car! Except that if my car had featured a paint job by John G., I would not have sold it.


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OMG this guy is a real artist. When I saw the title I thought John hadn't anything special, but this overcame all my expectations. He has a great talent to paint cars.

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Thanks for your insights. I will try to read all of the papers you highlight, specially the oldest one. You have a particular genius for identifying (hopefully) promising alternatives to the many ways of canvas and its styles.

Patrick Gauer said...

Mm, that hearse seems to be modified to rat rod-ness too, which is pretty cool in itself. The skulls kick the style into overdrive! It's a shame that there's not a lot of artists like these available for customizing cars, don't you think?

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