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How's your drink? (SG book review)

I like to have a martini, originally uploaded by KatColorado.

It's time to restock my bar. At about the same time I was getting bored with my strict beer and wine diet, Dr. Vino recommended an excellent little book on cocktails by Eric Felten. I used my Christmas money to buy a copy, and reading through it has made me very thirsty indeed.

Way better than a dry list of recipes, How's Your Drink? is primarily a collection of stories that highlight the origins of fifty classic cocktails. It is chock-full of interesting anecdotes, conflicting histories, and alternative recipes for mixed drinks. Now if only I had the ingredients to create tasting samples, so that I would have something to sip while I read!

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drvono said...

That does sound like an interesting book. Last month I picked up The Ultimate Bar Book, which is has 1000 classic recipes for basic cocktails, variations, and new recipes. It's cool because it's categorized by type of liquor, like vodka, rum, etc. and cross-referenced as well. It also has background information and history about each type, and gives lots of cocktail and bar basics, so I've learned a lot just by browsing through it. It also has recipes for hot drinks, punches, and other stuff.

Next time you come over we'll make cocktails! We have a small assortment of basics now.