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Crafts in Minneapolis: I like you

Graffiti by Siloette (

When I go to Uptown on a weekday, there are two things I always forget:
  1. My camera
  2. The fact that everything is closed before 11:00
I ate brunch at the French Meadow Bakery and waited for shops to open their shutters. Then I walked around town and hung posters. I got a kick out of finding them already up in several places, including the big pillar outside of Wedge Co-op.

After that was done, I visited a new craft consignment store, run by one of our vendors. It is called "I like you" and it's a cozy little boutique in the style of Paper Boat. You should go! It's on 42nd and Nicollet. They are still working on signage and everything, but I expect great things from them soon.

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