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SF Zero: a reality game

beautiful photos by BlueberryMascarpone

SF0 is a web-based, collaborative, not-for-profit project. It's like an Alternate Reality Game, except that they're not trying to sell you anything and there's no overarching narrative other than the one you create yourself. It is a game that takes place in the real world and pushes the limits of the possible.

Players participate in "tasks," which are interesting actions you might not normally do. You get a set amount of points for posting your completion, and additional points are awarded in the form of "votes" cast by other players. So a particularly clever proof will gather a higher number of votes, and a correspondingly higher score. Earn enough points and ascend to the next level, where you can sign up for higher-ranking tasks, and continue to move up on the scoreboard.

Those are the mechanics of the game. But what is it really "about?" That's up to each individual player. For me it's community, creativity, imagination, beauty, art. Take a look for yourself. All scores were recently reset to zero for the start of a new Era, so it's the perfect time to join. See you in the Praxis!

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