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Back to basics

For those of you just joining us, let's take a moment to recap. Sui Generis (the blog) was started to chronicle the (mis-)adventures of Sui Generis (blogger extraordinaire) as he made his way through the law school application process and then (he hoped) three years of law school itself. Along the way, he has taken chunks of time to talk about novel writing, Bahamian vacations, and bicycling,* but the blog at its core has always been 'about' law school and we here at SG Industries have tried to return to that focus after every digression.

With that in mind, let's talk about applications today. What's been going on lately re: law school chez Generis? A whole lotta nothing, that's what! SG stock is dropping. My applications, sparkling with hope and certainty a mere seven months ago, are languishing in the slush piles of vice presidents of admissions. Once, they seemed like paper keys to my future career. Now they don't do anything except get moved from deferrals to waitlists and from waitlists to rubbish bins.

There may not be a whole lot more for me to say about law school, but I'll try for at least a weekly status update. Tomorrow, I'll write about my 25-mile bicycle trip from work to home and back again.

*plus the occasional photos and wine and book reviews

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