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Going to the races

Stillwater on Sunday = tonnes of fun. We brought Lola along and stayed to watch the amateur mens' and pro womens' races. There was a mild collision with a fence during the amateur race, but from what I could see, the guy was okay and kept on going. The woman who hit that spot during the next event was less fortunate, and went down hard.

We were right next to her when it happened (although J felt it would be in poor taste to take a photo) and I worried for a moment that she was seriously hurt as she lay on the street in a daze. But she got back up with some help and was able to walk out of there, so it could have been worse. An ambulance and fire engine were standing by just in case.

I jogged to the top of the hill to watch the end of the amateur race from the finish line. It was amazing to watch the leaders come sprinting up that incline. Truly incredible to see these athletes at work.

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