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Stormy Weather

On Monday we decided to yank out all the weeds in the little rectangular garden area next to our house. J grabbed all the tools she could find and set to work plucking while I followed with a little hand-tiller thingie and dug up the soil. Under the sandy rocky surface was a nice layer of black dirt that looks good for a late-season vegetable garden.

While we worked, the clouds rolled in and the air got thick and weirdly dim like a huge storm was on its way. I just finished loosening the last inch of earth when the rain started to fall and soon was blanketing down with hail and severe weather sirens and tornado warnings nearby.

I was dry on my ride yesterday but it rained this morning and I got wet and filthy from road silt. Also,

moped sighting!: I once observed this totally sweet moped scooting around Uptown and kicked myself for leaving the house without my camera once again. Here's the photo proof that you can never have too many mirrors.

UPDATE! I discovered one of my yogurts pushed into the back corner of our big industrial refridgerator at the office. I opened it up and took a scoop but it was all coated with a layer of white slime mold. Yum!

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drvono said...

I saw that moped in Uptown as well. Pretty sweet.