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Specialized Crossroads joins the bike family

My mom's side of the family got together at her house for her 50th birthday on Sunday. I mentioned that I have been biking to work which was a fun surprise for my mom and grandmother who gave me her 'I don't understand you kids' look. My aunt (the cool one) said that I could have her bike if I wanted to pick it up. She bought it a few years ago and only rode it a couple of times before getting into a serious accident (not on the bike) that has made bicycle posture hazardous to her back health.

J and I brought Lola out to my aunt's apartment on Tuesday night to pick it up, and I saw that it was a men's Specialized Crossroads. Not the Roubaix that I hoped for in my wildest dreams, but still nicer than my Strada. The thing was pristine except for the flat tires and dust.

I took it home and scrubbed it with some hot soapy water to clean the frame, pumped up the tires, wiped the components, lubed the chain, adjusted the seat, aligned the stem with the front forks, put it all back together and went for a test ride around the neighborhood. Before we picked it up, I had already told J that she could use it as her bike, but throw some fenders on and I bet this puppy would make a great little commuter. Did I mention the awesome gold paint job? Well, you can see it for yourself.

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Menagerie said...

It's lovely!

Lunatic Biker said...

I love that color and the ever so slight curve of the top bar.

stag said...

I like how it's not parked in front of my door :)