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With the help of this detailed map I worked out a promising route from my home to my office that adds up to twelve miles and some change. That's too much to take on all at once, but I'm hoping to bike the first part and then drive the rest of the way. If I can even pull that off, it means I get some fresh air and exercise and fun first thing in the morning and on my way home at night. Maybe in time I can work up to riding the full circuit.

I rode downtown to volunteer at the Sibley Bike Depot yesterday and initially got turned away at the door because some kids were using the space, so I rode a path between the river and the bluffs, with graffitied freight trains rumbling by on the tracks across the street and private planes flying overhead to and from the nearby airport. Nice break from street riding, it was all level ground and I just took it easy.

Back at the shop, I recognized a guy from the repair class and we started talking. Andrew Koebrick, who I was supposed to meet and help with data entry, came up to us and handed us some volunteer sheets and then disappeared before I got a chance to introduce myself. He never came back, so I spent the next hour just hanging out around the shop and listening to bike stories and admiring the infamous cork truck.


Nathan said...

Good on ya for doing the bike commuting thing. I love it. Another option for easing into the commute is to throw your bike in the trunk, drive to work, ride the bike home in the evening, ride it back in to work the next morning, then drive the bike home again. Lather, rinse, repeat. You go the whole distance, but only once per day.

Hey, I'll probably see you at the Depot some Wednesday. Have you met John there yet?

sui generis said...

I keep wondering whether I have met John or not! I think I met a couple of guys named John the two times I was there.
Thanks for the advice. That might be easier than leaving my car and bike somewhere in the middle... I'm hoping to start next week.

equipoise said...

The only reason I knew to show up at 7pm (instead of 6pm) for volunteering was because I called the Depot that afternoon, and they clued me in - definitely pays to call ahead. Maybe I'll see you out there at another volunteer night.

Re: bike commuting ... sometimes I use a method similar to Nathans - ride the bike to work, ride the bus home, ride the bus to work the following morning, ride the bike home. Only works if you're near a bus route, though :-)