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Amazing Commuting Adventure!

On Monday morning I drove to work with my bike in the trunk. I rode it home last night and back to work again this morning for a total of over 25 miles. It was awesome.

Yesterday I spent more time trying to find the route and keeping a slow, steady pace so as not to wear myself out. Other than a stop at County Cycle to buy a mini-pump and tire levers, and another stop to call J for help after I missed my turn, I spent about 90 minutes riding from work to home. I expected that it might take around two hours, so this was a satisfying result. I felt great when I got home. I drank half a quart of Powerade and went on a walk with J and Lola, and rested for the rest of the evening.

This morning I woke up at 5:30, took a quick shower and made breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast before taking off. The forecast called for T-storms, but it looked nice and felt warm outside. On this ride I realized that there is much more uphill on the way to work than on the way back, and I struggled up a few inclines. Car traffic was lighter. I rode all the way through for an official time of approximately 70 minutes. It was a good thing, too: about fifteen minutes after I arrived, it was pitch black outside with pouring rain and hail! I'm glad I didn't have to bike through that mess.

I was sweaty and tired at the end of today's ride and my legs were a bit worse for wear, but it was a thoroughly rewarding experience. I'm going to leave my bike at work tonight and ride again tomorrow afternoon. My goal for this week is to go to or from work on every day.

The long-term goal is to ride both ways, every day. For now, I'm very satisfied with what I've managed to accomplish so far.


Nathan said...

w00t! :D

Oh man, rain is fine - nice even, if it's warm out - but hail, that's gotta hurt.

Did I mention: w00t!

equipoise said...

Way to go! Your short term goal is way more than most people ever attempt , so congratulations!