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How to succeed

In my last year of college, I took an Entrepreneur class that taught us how to make as much money as possible before we died. This was their definition of success. Granted, it was a business class, and making lots of money is synonymous with success in the business world; anything more might be outside the scope of the business school. The scary thing was that most of our professors seemed to personally share and believe in this meaning of success.

I didn't buy into it, and I had some good conversations with a classmate about alternative views on what makes a person successful. We listed the ways that we wanted to succeed in our daily living and goals for long-term success. Having a moderate income would help us to achieve some of our goals, such as raising a family or owning a home; others were not defined in material terms at all and could be done for free, like voluteering our time or just becoming a more loving person.

I think that everyone looks at success in a different way. How do you define success? Are you currently succeeding in the things you want to do now? Are you doing something today that will contribute to success in your long-term goals for success?

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Dave! said...

I define success very simply: I want to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me. It doesn't take money to do that at all. I want to be supportive and loving to my wife, friends and family. If, when I die, my family, friends and colleagues gather and think that the world won't be quite a nice without me, then I've been successful.

Money has painfully little to do with it.