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In treble and bass we trust

I always have the radio on when I'm driving, so the silence of bicycle commuting took some getting used to. Now that I'm comfortable in the saddle and my mind can drift a little, I find that songs pop into my head every time I ride. A startling variety of music, at that. Punk, metal, and hip-hop songs are the most common, though; something about riding a bike must bring those genres to the forefront of my mind.

J thought it was weird, so I wondered if any other bike riders have experienced this phenomenon. Tell me, fellow cyclers, am I the only one? Or do beats and lyrics appear unsolicited in your head when you're biking around town? What's your bicycle soundtrack?

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drvono said...

I don't bike regularly, but songs usually pop into my head whenever I'm doing something monotonous.

Anonymous said...

I make mechanical sound effects sometimes, like when I'm braking or turning, like, "djjjjjjj." It's kind of funny. Sometimes I realize I'm doing it, and look around to see if anyone heard me. I guess the bike is so quiet sometimes I interject noise to remind me I'm still on it.