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Good bye, law school

For the record. One-half of my waitlist schools began classes today and I did not receive a panicked phone call requesting my immediate presence in Virginia. Them's the breaks. I'll keep kickin' it in MN for now. I am okay with that. Sui Generis is "down" with the Midwest.

Our upstairs neighbor B. moved out this weekend and returned to her law school, too. It is like the end of an era! The exciting thing about all this is the 0L bloggers are becoming 1Ls and will hopefully find time to tell me all about it so that I can live vicariously through them. Thanks peeps.

Even with law school on the rocks, there may be some big changes pending in my life. It's a tumultuous time at my office, job-security-wise. With layoffs on the near horizon, will I be packing my boxes and hitting the job application trail again? Stay tuned to find out!

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