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Feel that way mood h4xx0r3d

I'm feeling a real kinship lately with some of the bike bloggers I read on a regular basis. A Flower Called Nowhere has a recent post that hit close to home. Annie and I both, it turns out, hate the State Fair, Applebee's, and Woodbury, MN. Sascha is anti-wallpaper and pro-paint, and writes about something that I've been longing for lately: a place to call home.

Then, of course, there are bloggers with whom I have real-life collaboration. This guy is heading up a small team of volunteers, including me, who will be keeping the Sibley Bike Depot open for one additional night every week. It's going to be great for the shop to stay accessible and give us extra time to do the odd jobs that need to be done.

On that note, I was excited this morning to see that there are bids on all four of the 3-speed bicycles I posted on eBay! But with good news comes bad: the shop's website,, has apparently been hacked. Crap.


Sascha said...

I also want to sign on for the part where I think the State Fair is the world's worst waste of time--on par with siteseeing at the MoA.

annie said...

lol, hooray for feelings of community. One of these days I'll post about things I don't hate.... really....