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Scott Pilgrim is awesome!

Along with wine reviews, book reviews are something I used to do fairly regularly. Then I realized that I didn't have much to say about most of them beyond whether I liked or disliked them, and nobody cares about that. But you will care when I tell you about Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life. Why? Because it is totally awesome.

The reason I am so excited about it is that Scott Pilgrim was written and drawn (I guess you would call it a graphic novel) by Brian O'Malley. I found his website way back in the day and dug his style and checked in on him every once in a while to see what he was up to. It is fun to see someone who was just a guy drawing Internet comic strips with a Sharpie who has actually produced a real life book that I can hold in my hands.

Anyway, the book is really good! It is about Scott Pilgrim's romantic foibles and totally sweet fights. It is about boys and girls growing up and figuring each other out. It is videogames and rock & roll. You will laugh and cry and learn to live again. Go to the official site to get a taste.

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