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Busy, busy, busy

I was given an unsolicited lesson on how to floss at the dentist's office today. I'm twenty-four years old, for crying out loud. Look, I don't always floss daily, but it's not because I don't know how. My mistake was admitting it. Next time I'm asked, I'll just say, "twice a day plus mealtimes!"

Meanwhile, at work, layoffs were happening! Unfortunately I was not among those chosen to receive a generous severance package and must continue to work for my money. At least we got that out of the way before I left on vacation. We will see what happens when I return.

Tonight, boxing up 3-speeds for shipping to eBay auction winners!

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Shelley said...

I've gotten the floss lecture, too. What's weird is that I'm 32 and have never had a cavity. Most of that can be attributed to fluoride in the water when I was growing up, but the fact I have super healthy gums ought to indicate that I floss! It's seriously annoying.