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Après le déluge

It was worth the price of gas to drive into work this morning. Rain was dumping down--I got wet just looking at it. The tires of my car were sinking in the mud and so did my shoes when I ran out to it, but I was drenched anyway. The thunder and lightning was incredible. One of the brightest and loudest I've ever seen/heard struck while J and I were still in bed. J and Lola both jumped.

The storm was great. I knew I couldn't bike twelve miles in it, so I sat around and played on the computer for a while and waited for it to calm down (it didn't). I love being inside during thunderstorms, watching the flashes of light, listening to the loud cracks and rumbles outside. The rain clobbering our roof and windows. I didn't want to go anywhere.

Now I'm at work and just blah. Maybe the storm will still be going when I get home!

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