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Fine-tuning the route

My commuting route was working okay, but I started to dread the afternoon ride because of a certain stretch of the trip where I've been hassled by motorists on several occasions. Then I happened to pick up a good book that gave me an idea. I can't avoid the crappy bit entirely, but with some creative planning I worked out a new route that cuts out most of that area, and also crosses the highways at points where there is no access (i.e. entrance & exit ramps). I rode it this morning. It was nice.

In theory, the afternoon commute should be lighter because cars will eschew these roads in favor of major arterials with highway accessibility. Maybe less car traffic will beget less driver rage will beget a friendlier commute. Or maybe it will turn out to be worse for some reason. I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: Um, it needs some work. Basically pretty good but partly bad. At least now I have options.

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