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Cat's out of the blog

Yesterday was the first time that I met another blogger in person and actually knew about it. After getting to know John at the Sibley Bike Depot and slowly making the connection between him and his blog (hmm, British 3-speeds, Depot volunteer, all-around nice guy, this must be the same person!), I finally verified it with him last night. John is as friendly and well-spoken in person as he comes across on his blog, and I was glad to solve that mystery and connect the two halves of his persona.

When I told John that I had been reading his posts while seeing him at the shop, I felt as if I were confessing to a sort of secret voyeurism. But that's the entire point of blogs anyway, isn't it. You can read his blog, The Daily Spirit - Human. I check it every day, and sometimes his positive attitude is just the boost I need to lift my spirits up. Other times I need the white-hot rage of A Flower Called Nowhere. Everything in moderation.

As long as I'm throwing up blogs, I also just added another local legal/bicycle crossover blogger, Ladyvelo (via teammate DC). Check out both of them for hott racing action!


Sascha said...

Yeah. We're full of haut racing action. You betcha.

annie said...

we are both certainly hott. just ask that guy in the van. tee hee.

damn, i knew i was talking about work too much. i do not have a law blog, i swear! however, if not for pesky ethics & confidentiality rules, i would talk about work way more. i'm in personal injury, and boy, the clients we get.... personal injury clients are not exactly the cream of the human crop, if ya know what i mean.....