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Design notes + bike flask

Yeah, I know my new template is a bit duller than the old one, but what can I say? I actually like it. When I throw the photos on here they should pop out a lot more, and I should have some photos coming from our trip to the Carlos Creek Winery. I'm waiting to write about it until then. Until that happens, everyone should check out One Speed Revolution. It's a bike zine with the archives online and it's pretty sweet. Now I know what I want for Christmas this year.


stag said...

I like it. It looks like Julie's site. Check hers out. She did some good things with this template.

CM said...

I like it too; neat and streamlined. Much better than the old one -- less generic.

sui generis said...

Thanks, Stag and CM, that's what I thought. I'll personalize it more when I get a chance.