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Two firsts: fixed-gear riding & winter wipeout

An ex-member of Sibley donated a nice Sekai 500 fixie to the shop (I checked & it's not in the Gallery--need to do something about that). I'd never been on a fixed-gear before, so I jumped on and practiced trackstands for about an hour. Man my legs were jelly when I was done and I can see how riding would be harsh on your knees but I swear I fell in love with that bike as advertised hooked on the fix and now I want one of my own. It was just a smidgen too big for me maybe but damn if John doesn't buy it (he called it first) then I'm gonna be sad to see it go.

And, sure it's a little windy but riding has been great the streets are mostly clear and there's no excuse for not biking this winter. Tonight was the first time I spilled it. Leave it to me to hold off on the first icy crash until we have this insane long thaw. Well I knew the alley was sheer ice from when I pushed my bike out to head to the shop, but I still tried to bike it. I did okay as long as I was going straight, but I turned the front wheel just a little to head into our yard and BAM, I was down, I took most of the impact by sliding my right leg but then somehow landed on my left kneecap too.

I limped into the house, walked my bike down to the basement, and put a bag of frozen green beans on my knee. (The bag freaked Lola out and she wouldn't come near me--now I guess we now how to keep her from jumping all over us when we get home, just pull out some frozen foodstuffs). It's not going to be anything worse than a bruise, but I figure that still earned me a good beer and a soak in the tub. After downing a Stella Artois, I feel like I could do it all over again.


Lunatic Biker said...

My alley is pretty evil right now too. Fell out on the street yesterday morning. That makes two so far this winter.

John said...

Haha, no I won't buy it because I have convinced myself I'm going to build this wierd, dual-speed thingy instead of a fixed gear, haha. It will be strange but worth it in the end. Pedalling backwards to move forward has a magic spell over me now. haha. And there is always the single-speed, fixed-gear unicycle to play with. ;-)