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I really need to find a place to host the Craftstravaganza, but other responsibilities keep getting in the way. I have so much to do that I'm having trouble keeping my priorities straight. Like last night, I promised to show up at the bike shop but it turned out that it was more important for me to spend the evening at home with my wife. Another thing I need to do is find a job before looking for a house. That's really putting the cart before the horse. Not only can we not afford a house right now, but I want to know what my commute is going to be like before signing a mortgage. Time is limited, but everything has to get done eventually. Now if I could only book a venue for the craft fair!


drvono said...

How about the Como Streetcar Station? If we got several people together, it wouldn't be very much.

Otherwise if you're thinking outdoors, we could actually do it at Como Park and have tons of built-in foot traffic provided by trendy hipster joggers and walkers that are likely to be interested in handmade goods.

sui generis said...

You'd think so, but you'd be wrong! I actually spent a week trying to make Como Park work, but it turned out to be ludicrously complicated.

Hey, maybe we could just have the fair in your yard?