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Looky looky. A little keepsake for you guys.

Instructions: Use the picture you like best from the first (no clicking around for 44 pages) page of the search results on Google Image.
I don't normally hop on the meme train (you'll notice I snubbed Kristine's Shannon's tagging me for the latest survey) but this one was fun and gives you something interesting to look at. Plus there is a surprise twist at the end!

The city and state of the town where you grew up, no quotation marks. My result:

The town where you currently reside. My result:

Your grandmother's name. My result:

Your favorite food. My result:

Your favorite drink. My result:

Your favorite smell. My result:

Your favorite song. My result:

Saving the best for last...Your name, first and last, but no quotes. My result:

I was not expecting to find this! It actually did come up on the Google search but I'm not linking to it. Why? Because I found it on an old free hosting account that inexplicably never got shut down, and remains in stasis to this day. I can't edit it, and it's very embarassing. It would be better for everyone involved if it remained unknown. But I'm still treating you to this comic strip that I drew way back in high school (or earlier?)--anyway a long time ago.



drvono said...

Dude, I told you that site was still up like a year ago! You never listen to me.

sui generis said...

Dude, I knew it was still up! (I sure wish I could take it down, but I've long lost all the necessary information). I just didn't expect an image from that decrepit old site to appear on the first page of a Google image search for my name!

Shannon said...

Technorati shows you the darnedest things - You snub me AND call me Kristine all in one post. Nice!


sui generis said...

Aw crap! Double apologies!!