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Look out--! crazy walking in the road man!

So tonight as I was coming home something weird happened. A few blocks from our house, I saw a guy walking in the street coming towards me. Right away my flags went up and I was watching this man. But as I passed, he walked right up to me saying, "hey, hi hi, hey man!" and I was too surprised and caught off guard to react. My first thought was, "oh no, I'm going to be mugged just like the surly vegan!"

Luckily, he didn't touch me or my bike even though he was close enough to do something if he wanted to. I don't know what his deal was... if he was drunk or crazy or just enjoys harassing cyclers. I didn't intend to find out. I pushed my pedals down hard to get away from him.

Also, I almost got hit by a bus!

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