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Craig's List confusion

Something stupid just happened to us because my wife and I are trying to sell a Kitchenaid Mixer. Some dude emailed me on the day of the posting. We haggled about the price, then he said he needed time to get the money together. I said okay, and he wrote a few days later saying he had the cash. Great, I said, you can pick it up tonight. Here's our address. Let us know what time you'll be here.

That was Monday. He never came to our house or emailed me back. I'm trying to wrap my head around why a person would do this. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Oh well. We're still trying to get rid of this thing. Anyone want to buy a mixer at 10% off the retail price? For blog readers, I'll knock the price down to $175. WHOA THAT'S A $5 SAVINGS. ACT NOW!! I'll write my pseudonym on the back and we'll call it a Sui Generis signature edition. ONE OF A KIND! HOLY CRAP.

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annie said...

Same thing happened to me with a craigslist buyer, actually. I'm trying to sell my pickup truck, and these guys were going to come look at it. I talked to them on the phone 3 times, set a time and a place and even talked about price, and then I sat there for half an hour waiting and they never showed. Guess they didn't want it so bad after all. People are lame.