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Exciting week, boring round-up

The Craftstravaganza logo looked so pretty as the top post, didn't it? I'm loathe to kick it down a notch, but I suppose I should make one more post this week. Although, I've been pouring myself into the website creation and fair planning, so I haven't got much else to talk about. One thing, I've almost finished knitting my first sock... I'll be starting the toe decreases tonight. Hopefully I can cut down the time it takes to knit up its partner. Oh, and I also hope it fits, I guess. The next pair is gonna have skulls on 'em!

Let's talk about what's coming up (super interactive edition!)!

  • Tomorrow is our annual meeting at the Sibley Bike Depot. You (yes, you) can come and share free pizza with Sui Generis.
  • On Wednesday I'll be participating in Wine Blogging Wednesday and you can too, if you want. It's easy; all you need is to go to a wine store. You were going to do that anyway, right? Write it up and be a star!
  • And, of course, we've got this craft fair coming up, and we're looking for vendors. Are you an awesome person (if you read this blog, the answer is YES!)? Do you make awesome stuff? It would be awesome of you to apply.

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