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Old car

I'm not just getting rid of bicycles from our garage. Oh no. Not even cars are safe as we separate the weak ones from the herd, to make room for the next generation of occupants. The latest casualty was my longsuffering Saturn SL-1.

It was a good car. I got it halfway through college and drove it five years, and I drove it hard. I hit one other car and one fire hydrant. They do sneak up on you. My worthy steed was starting to show signs of age, and recently the engine overheated, leaving me stranded along the side of the freeway. Last weekend I traded it in for something a decade newer and with half as many miles on the odometer.

This post is dedicated to my loyal SL-1, that carried me so long, and so far. I am grateful for it. But I won't miss it too much. My next entry will be all about the new hotness.

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The Goodfellas said...

andy! i just read your post below -- if you really want to raise chickens, i will lend you my incubator!!! fun! :)