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I think I'm getting the hang of this MySpace thing

It still seems stupid, but it's helping to spread the word about our show. I've spent a few hours befriending local artists and crafty people who will hopefully enjoy the stuff we have to offer.

MySpace is kind of genius guerilla marketing. I'm not trying to sell you a product, I just want to be your friend! There's not much useful information on most peoples' pages but there's enough on some of them that statistics can be gathered and a market audience can be targeted for promotion. Authors are doing it now too. It takes some digging but if there's a niche for your product, you can find it.

It's more fun finding people for my own sake, though. The Craftstravaganza has gathered a burgeoning collection of friends that I might not have found except for this social networking experiment. Like John G, a stencil artist whose work I 'discovered' at the St. Paul Art Crawl without ever getting his name.

I was totally going to buy this painting, but it was like $300 or whatever.

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John Grider said...

You could probabbly talk the price down, if you're still interested. $200? $150? Make me an offer...