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Mainichi Hanafuda: nightingale

Most sources I found identified the bird in this suit as a nightingale, although it was called something else in one place I looked. In Japan, the most common birds that I saw around plum trees were actually pigeons. But I used a nightingale for my photo reference on this card, so that's what I've got in my hanafuda deck.

The way it shows up on my monitor, this is one neon nightingale. It looked dimmer in Photoshop, so I might have to play with the colors a bit and dull it down to match the rest of the cards... or I suppose I could brighten the other ones. I'm laying out the designs in a business card template so that I can print them out when I'm done and actually have my own deck of hanafuda cards. In Japan, you can supposedly buy a Nintendo-brand deck at any 7-11. Maybe my sources in Japan can confirm this rumor. I hear that the best high-quality cards have a drawing of Napoleon on the backs for some reason. What's that all about?


The Goodfellas said...

are yours going to have a drawing of napoleon on the back? (or are they just blank?)

i really like your designs andy, you have a really good eye. and i like that the bird is neon. :)

Parsa said...

It's of course not a nightingale which is European. The traditional Japanese bird-with-plum-blossoms is the Japanese Bush Warbler (Uguisu), Cettia diphone.