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Mainichi Hanafuda: the moon

This is possibly my favorite card in the entire hanafuda deck, and one that's even more striking with a darker grass color. The "junk" cards in the pampas grass suit--like the one I displayed yesterday--are perhaps the least striking in the entire deck. But when the rounded hill of grass is contrasted with the bright full moon, it makes a striking image. This is one of two distinctive point cards in the suit, and a timely one, since August is the month represented here. (The full moon was on August 9th this year.)

I'm especially proud of how this one turned out because I drew the moon freehand. Circles and long, consistent curves are tough to draw, and that's pretty much all this suit is. I think my experience inking speech bubbles for Bob the Golfer came in handy here.

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ab said...

very nice andy. nice moon.