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Mainichi Hanafuda: a boar in clover

Like the nightingale for plum, the boar is an animal card in the clover suit. I was unhappy with my source images for boars until I found this awesome engraving(?) plus poem from Ovid? I know the 'f's are pronounced like 's's, but a phoenetic reading is more fun because it sounds like I've got a favadge lifp.

I made my boar cuter by giving it a big piglet-eye and squashing it down to stumpy card-width size. Although the boar in the print is attacking Adonis, the boar in my hanafuda deck is satisfied with the destruction of flowers. He looks keen on trompling through my carefully-constructed clover patterns until they're all askew.


ningyo said...

who would've guessed this would be tied for my favorite with the nightingale...well, almost. Maybe I have a thing for animal cards since the geese are cute too.

I loved your free-hand moon over pampas too--when I look at it I can almost hear my students go "ooh!" as if they've seen fireworks--they always ooh and ahh (loudly) if I draw circles well on the chalkboaredboard. You're right, it's a big thing(especially in Japan), to draw a circle free hand--congratulations!

Just to let you know, I look forward to the new Hanafuda every day, even though I don't comment every day.

Little Sister<3 PS Harvest Moon Magical melody is a GREAT game--that's my free time spending lately...

drvono said...

Perhaps that is a lithograph?