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Mainichi Hanafuda: grass

You're getting a 3-day advance on this daily feature, since I'm leaving town with my wife to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Those of you with extraordinary willpower should read the next two entries one day at a time to preserve the pace. New posting will resume on Monday.

In the first four days of mainichi hanafuda, we looked at February's suit, which is plum. Everybody likes plum blossoms! But what's this thing supposed to be? Compared to the plum, it isn't pretty at all; it's just a hill of pampas grass, or eulalia. On most of the hanafuda decks I found online, this suit didn't even look like grass, it just looked like a big, round, black lump. And because this suit appears as an indistinguishable mound in most decks, Korean players have been known to refer to it as the "poop" suit.

Surely it deserves better! I found some source images with better color balance, and saw the lines that suggested a grassy hill. It's still not as flashy as the bright plum blossoms, but I daresay it's much nicer than a mound of poop.

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Parsa said...

Eulalia is more correct. It's not really pampas. It's Miscanthus sinensis, chinese silver grass (susuki), one of the 7 traditional autumn grasses in Japan. The bush clover is another: